Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Terra Conserva is a small online-only boutique based out of Maine, USA, run entirely by one Maine woman, Christine Grindle. 

All items in my shop — with the exception of one — are all printed in the United States, and I source as many of the raw goods from the U.S. as I can, for two reasons. One is that I genuinely want to support the rebirth of United States manufacturing. It's a good thing for all Americans!

The second reason I am trying to make my store go entirely made in the USA is because I only ship within the US, which is good for the environment. The more local your goods are sourced from where you live, the better it is for your local economy, the better it is for your local environment, the better it is for our whole planet. 

The one downside of sourcing as many things as possible from as local as possible, is that my prices are higher than your average big box store. Adding to the price is the fact that every single item in this store is printed on demand, and you will find that for some things (primarily clothing), my prices are a bit higher than what you would find if you go to that well-known large store in town. But, that well-known large store isn't trying to source their products from the US, and they print en masse in huge quantities, regardless of how much of that product actually sells, which ends up contributing to the massive problem of waste our society is facing. 

So here's my suggestion for you: Shop wisely, regardless of where you shop. Shop within your price range. I completely understand that some of my products aren't priced for everyone, and over time I am trying to lower prices considerably, but for now ... if you can afford to pay just a little bit more for a product that is made more conscientiously, my stuff might just be the PERFECT stuff for you. 

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