Featured Bathroom Goods

Shower Curtains

Made with a strong water-resistant fabric, these shower curtain stay like new for a long time to come.

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Faux Mink Body Towels

The front side is made with a luxuriously soft polyester mink; the backside is 100% cotton for maximum absorbancy. This 30” x 60” large body towel is as beautiful as it is functional, designed to create an artistic aesthetic in your bathroom, while still being incredibly soft and absorbant. This is only printed on one side.
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Hand Towels

Made with a soft polyester front and an absorbant cotton back, this premium hand towel is soft, light, and beautifully designed. This towel is only printed on one side; the cotton back is blank.
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Fabric Bath Rugs

These boho-style tasseled fabric bath rugs come in a single large size of 38" x 81", sure to stretch from beginning-to-end (and then some!) of any length tub, and are made from a washable and light fabric.
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